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The container survey division was created in 1979 to fill a niche in the Maritime Industry requiring a professional organization that provided a container survey service worldwide at competitive prices. Our organization is dedicated to cost limitation in relation to container maintenance and repair.

The Tank Container survey division started in 1984. For more than 20 years we served over 250 tank clients consisting of lessors, lessees, tank owner and operators. Through its partnership with Silver/CIMS LLC in Houston and the agreement in force with one of the world's largest classification societies, CIMS also provides statutory tank testing services.

CIMS International provides high quality inspection services and have performed 1,500,000 surveys and is as such one of the leading inspection companies.

Inspections include:

  • on-hire surveys
  • off-hire surveys
  • in-service surveys
  • post-repair surveys
  • estimate checks
  • new built inspection
  • statutory tank testing and certification
  • cleanliness certification including gas-free
  • sampling of bulk and liquid cargo

CIMS offices inject data via EDI, e-mail or other communication formats into the main computer system. Depending on specific requirements of our customer CIMS can make all reports and digital photographs available to its customers giving on-line access to real time data. This information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CIMS is a customer oriented company and its strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • employ only qualified surveyors.
  • invest in a proper administrative back-up.
  • design report forms and write software programmes which facilitate our customer's requirements.      
  • carefully listen to and thoroughly study any particular requirement a customer may have.
  • be flexible and adjust our software and reporting accordingly.
  • accept customer designed reporting systems.
  • adjust basic fees to the level of service required and volume offered.
  • stay in regular contact with the customer's operations manager and provide any information required.

Contact for more information:     blomme@cims-surveys.com