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TAG staff examine cargo description from documents and select containers to inspect, before delivery. Our inspectors then ensure that the cargo matches the description in the documentation. When wrongly rated cargo/containers are found we bill the correct amount and hold the container until the correct freight payment is received. This service helps provide a level playing field for all customers. An executive from a major ocean carrier remarked that "the TAG inspection service saves the trade millions of dollars annually."

Trained and certified TAG inspectors ensure that Federal Hazardous Materials rules are complied with and containers are properly documented and placarded for ocean transportation. When authorized by tariff rules TAG staff applies fines to shippers found not in compliance. This program can potentially save carriers from being found at fault by the USCG.

TAG/ICIB's inspectors in all major European ports are measuring oversized cargoes for accurate dimensions. The aim is to provide a neutral measurement result that all parties can agree on. Our inspectors usually measure the cargo, quite often flat-racks and trailers, right before the vessel loads and report the results to the carrier for their follow-up.

Cargo Quality Control plays a more important role every day. Be it a truck shipped to the Middle East which may not be discharged if there is any damage, or import control on your  suppliers. Our inspectors would assure that the quality and count ordered by you is arriving safely in the port of discharge. After approval is received by local authorities we would open your container, check its contents for quantity, size and quality, and if everything is in line with your order the container will be released to the final destination. If your suppliers did not follow your instructions we would hold the container pending your further instructions.

We also provide cargo surveys relating to damages occurring during transportation. Our principals here include insurance companies, underwriters and P&I Clubs. In these surveys we analyse the cause of the damage as well as the liability. Particular attention is also given to the packing condition and stowage in containers.
Other services offered include investigation of theft, recovery actions where applicable, estimated and damage evaluation for yachts and other boats, and finally the act of loss-prevention, meaning a pre-shipment assistance or attendance with the aim to reduce losses and damages. AD HOC security and procedures for inland haulages moving under satellite control. Auditing security installments for warehouses and relevant logistic procedures.

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